Benefits of having a live answering service for your business

3 min readMar 4, 2022

When your phone is ringing out of control, it is not always possible for someone to answer the phone each time. Perhaps you might be in the middle of a sale, or some other important project.

Even in the digital age, a large number of business transactions occur over the phone. It is highly probable that you may miss a big business opportunity by missing a call. This article is a perfect guide as to why you need a Live Answering Service for the development of your business.


A live answering service is usually provided by an outsourced company that uses virtual offices. A virtual answering service offers a wide range of services which includes everything from answering phone calls and scheduling appointments to full-time virtual receptionist services. More to it these services include asking screening questions and providing customer service and support.

The services are adjustable according to your requirement and your budget. A professional live answering service offers many benefits to startups and can assist in scaling and ensuring smooth operations for your business in no time.

Besides just call answerings, there are many other benefits for hiring a live phone answering service, some of them are :


Prior to calls being transferred to you, a virtual receptionist can ask screening questions, set an appointment. The receptionist can brief and prepare you for a follow-up call.


A live answering service helps build confidence from your customers that you provide excellent customer service and value them. By always speaking to a virtual receptionist, they know that someone can help them when they need it and are more likely to stay with your business.


Usually, clients need quick answers to their calls. By answering services calls to your business will be answered in less than ten seconds. Many callers will hang up if their call goes to voicemail rather than being answered by a live receptionist. If so, they may immediately call your competitor afterward. More leads can be converted into sales by having a live phone answering service.

A live answering service is available around the clock, which allows you to take a break or spend more time with your family, without having to worry about ever missing a call. These services are always available, including holidays and weekends, which means your business never needs to close.

Even when the office is closed the customers can connect with the virtual receptionist, which builds up customer trust.


Having Live answering services can reduce your costs. A live answering service offers a per call price, this is more convenient for your business than having a full-time receptionist. With these services, you can manage your budget smoothly.

There are different plans to choose from, so you are covered for when your business grows or needs extra help during peak periods.


If you have a business that heavily relies on appointments, there is no need to worry. With a virtual live answering service, you will surely never miss another appointment again. A virtual receptionist is highly trained and can set or reschedule appointments for you.


Spam and phishing attempts not only waste time and resources but can be majorly annoying and also inconvenient. It allows you to spend your valuable time being productive along with screening the telemarketers, robocalls, and spam for you.


Whether you need a live receptionist for all time or after hours or probably only on weekends, there is complete flexibility with a call answering service to meet your business needs. As every business is different, a package that can be tailored to suit you is a perfect choice.

Whatever your needs, a telephone answering service has got you covered.


Get an edge over your competition companies, when every single call is answered in a professional way, and every customer is given focused service and the attention they expect and deserve.


So, are you still contemplating if a live answering service is right for your business? You can probably ask the company to provide a 7-day virtual reception free trial to see the results for yourself.

You can avail the option to pay as you go for each call individually, or you can also sign up for a package that includes a set number of calls per month to suit your business specifications and requirements. See the immediate difference in the business these phone answering services can make today by visiting us at our website at




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